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Thread: economic gravy train?

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    Default economic gravy train?

    I have this financial text, and i just can't find the equivlent or the translation for the phrase 'economic gravy train'.. this is the context:

    describing the two countries' relations as being in a "golden age," Hu vowed his nation would "stick to the path of paceful development" and include "friendly neighbors" on the economic gravy train, drawing cheers from lawmakers who interrupted his speech several times with applause.

    so, how should i put it? could yo help? thank you!

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    Se refiere a la época dorada o de esplendor económico. También "la época de las vacas gordas"

    Hope it helps!

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    Exactly Mem, you hit it spot-on.

    "I was on a gravy-train with biscuit wheels."

    Life´s good, no worries.

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