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    An all paper deal is an acquisition where a listed company acquires another company (listed or private) and the shareholders of the target company only receives shares in the acquiring company as payment for their shares in the target company.
    The opposite of the All Paper Deal is the All Cash Deal, where the shareholder of the target company receives cash as payment for their shares. A compromise alternative is the Cash And Paper Deal, where target company shareholders receive some cash and some shares in the acquiring company as payment for their shares in the target company.
    In some parts of the world, doing an All Paper Deal instead of a deal that involves cash can be beneficial from a tax point of view. In the United States, swapping shares in an All Paper Deal will not trigger immediate capital gains tax liabilities.

    ¿Alguien sabe cómo se dice el término en español?

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    Hola, encontré esto:

    all-paper deal
    operación todo papel
    Se trata de una oferta de adquisición de una sociedad en la que el ofertante hace la propuesta de adquisición a cambio de acciones pero sin aportar nada de efectivo.
    Fuente: Diccionario comentado de términos financieros ingleses de uso frecuente en español, de Miguel Castelo Montero

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