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Thread: besoin de votre aide

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    Question besoin de votre aide


    J’ai besoin de votre aide
    Je suis une stagiaire dans une société ma gérante ma demandé de mettre des articles en anglais dans notre site.
    J’ai besoin de vos avis et de votre aide pour corriger la rédaction de cette article et merci d’avance.

    le voici :
    A stone throw away from Rome, Paris and London, Tunisia has become one of the world's tourist hot spots. Tunisia enjoys a Mediterranean climate in the North and along its coast. Its weather is brightened up there and the temperatures are very pleasant all year round.It is for these reasons that Tunisia opted for a long time to be a destination of quality tourism.
    However, beach tourism is not the only attraction the country offers; Saharan tourism, golf tourism, cultural tourism, sport tourism, and health tourism are also increasingly luring millions of holiday seekers to Tunisia.

    For example the Thalasso Therapy and SPA are the world’s second destination after France. Tunisia counts 49 thalasso therapy centers with a capacity of 6,500 therapy customers per day. Indeed 250, 000 foreign patients came to Tunisia in 2009 for treatment. Westerners, who represent 18%, come to Tunisia for cosmetic surgeries, including plastic surgery.

    Medical tourism in Tunisia has become the country's second highest foreign currency earner, and the second largest employer. Most of the 8 000 doctors were trained in Europe or America, so they meet Western standards. Prices are 40% to 60% less expensive than those in Western Europe, even allowing for a stay of one week. Its proximity to Europe makes Tunisia an attractive alternative to India and Thailand, for those who want to avoid long-haul flights.
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