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Thread: How to create checklists in Xbench

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    Default How to create checklists in Xbench

    I know that you can create checklists in Xbench, does anybody know how to do it? What would be useful to create one?

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    Default Re: How to create checklists in Xbench

    When you open your Xbench, you go to View>Checklist manager. A new tab will open. On left column, you do right click> New, and give a name to your checklist. This way you create a new Checklist. You can then go to the right hand column, right click>New. This way you create a new item to your previously created checklist. You give it a name, description, and what needs to be checked (Source-Target)

    It is very useful for checking the punctuation rules for instance, that change from a language to another.
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