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Thread: The best best way to learn english

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    Default Re: The best best way to learn english

    Some good tips to learn English are:
    o Learn naturally and playfully
    o Learn with your ears, not your eyes
    o Learn spoken grammar with fun stories
    o Learn actively by answering simple questions
    o Practice regularly

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    Default Re: The best best way to learn english

    The best way for me is to live in a English speaking country so you learn the language by living it

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    Default Re: The best best way to learn english

    That I know of, there are 3 good ways to learn almost any language:
    1 - Survival : Regarding like @Iyuanobi says, living in the country of the language. And having to adjust forcefully.
    2 - Work : If it depends on you to be better at your job to learn that language and to communicate with someone in the place of work.
    3 - Passion : Being a FAN! When it grows in you the interest to learn not from language but from culture, like everything there is to know.

    In Argentina (that I know of, it also happens in many other countries for sure) there are a lot of European descendants that go to Japanese lessons none other that to learn of what they like, being martial arts, animé, music, philosophy and others.
    As there also is for Deutsch, English and French.

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