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Thread: need help with this

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    Default need help with this

    hi, i have a big problem with finding some literature on the internet...so if anyone here is from mexico please please please help me

    i'm trying to find something about police in mexico...about their power restrictions( when they can use a gun, when they can search you, when they can arrest you and so on....). does anybody know if there is a law about that on the internet? i really need this to be able to write my diploma.

    thanks for ur help

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    Default Re: need help with this

    mmm, and how did you look it up? which key words did you use? to see if we can help...
    did you try looking for "regulations mexico"- "civil law"?

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    Default Re: need help with this

    There's a lot just make sure to type the right keyword when using goggle. Also you might wanna check in some newspapers in mexico. Are you writing an anticle? or you were just required to get one online.

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