Hi All,

Here another short story. It is a way to improve my writing skills. I will appreciate if you see a big mistake.

The Frame

I was there, standed up seeing how he was blooding. His nouse seem as if it was a openned tap.
Little by little the blood was making a little red river on the road following the path to the sewers.
He raised his face with difficulty. His sigh reached my eyes and I felt a felling of primitive power.
As the genes from the down of the human being took me over. It was a long time since I didn't feel that
sensation. It was like being drunk of power and I was able to fell how the energy surfaces from the pores of my skin.

He tried to teld me something, but he was more unconscious than conscious. His head heavily felt to the ground and
I was still there, without any movement, gazed at the work that I`ve done.

Soon, I started to hear the siren of the police and the ambulance. Was I going to care about the coppers seeing me here?.
- No..hahah..I don't care.!!! a mad voice from some part inside me that I never thought I had it shouted so loadly that
I turned back to myself. - "What bloody things I am thinking...I am not a felon, I was just protecting my jewerller's from
this robber.

"Thrown down the stick and hands up..!!" - roared a copper

I thought: "The justice belong to the State, but when the justice take a long time and it is a political justice, is it right to
do our own justice?".


PD: It is call "the frame" becouse I wanted to write a story that simulate as the camara is getting more shot of the scene.